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Engaging People, Improving Performance, Increasing Profit

Your COMPLETE systematic solution for designing, optimizing and measuring the ROI of your engagement and performance initiatives.

Where People Management and ROI Converge

Many organizations spend considerable sums on engagement, recognition, incentive and loyalty programs without addressing all the factors that can affect results or properly measuring their return-on-investment. The EEPM Solution  is based on a time-tested approach to Incentive ROI developed and successfully implemented through a cross section of industries and company sizes starting in 1991. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Using EEPM, organizations can precisely track the financial and other benefits of their investments while achieving better results by taking into account all of the factors that can affect success. Designed for use in any type of performance improvement activity including: Sales and Channel Incentives, Customer Loyalty Strategies, Employee, Quality, Safety, Wellness or Performance Programs.

Systematic Business Development Approach

Identify opportunities for improvement within your business cycle to create your objectives list. 

Rate and prioritize objectives for final selection for your program.

Assess the impact of the initiative on your company, your employees, your customers and your marketplace.  

Assess your external environment; competitors, economics and government regulation. 

Measure the financial and non-financial benefits of your engagement and performance initiatives. 


Say "So long" to the silos. People tend to see things from their departmental perspective, rather than being a necessary part of the whole. Protecting departmental resources tends to be a common theme with a silo mentality. 

The steps in the ROI Model drive conversations and collaboration internally between departments and externally with customers, vendors and partners. 

Conversations and consideration lead to engagement when ALL departments have the opportunity to voice how the chosen objectives could impact their department. 

It is through these conversations that opportunities to improve margin and cash flow are identified. 

Evidence Based ROI

Determine the value of your incentive program plan or other initiative as an investment, not as a line-item budgeted expense. Proper planning, predictive analytics (not ad-hoc) and regular review of key metrics are vital to ensuring that the end result is incremental bottom-line profit.

Determine your investment risk.

Measure the specific financial  impact.

Determine the true value of your incentive plan investment. 

Plan based on projections you can trust, well in advance of implementation.

Review your plan investment through our custom ROI Forecast Dashboard.



The EEPM Solution

"The theory behind the ROI model and the SaaS management solution is being able to connect and bridge the gap between financial results and the people behind the numbers. It helps businesses break down their business process cycle to the point where it's crystal clear where properly structured behavioral changes will move the needle to achieve their business objectives, including engagement and bottom-line profitability. At its core, the model represents managing Enterprise Engagement performance thereby eliminating the ‘silo’ effect that's prevalent in many engagement/incentive programs." ~ Bob Dawson

What are Your Objectives? 

Whether you're creating a program for increasing sales, channel distribution, improving quality, customer service, safety, team performance or employees, the EEPM Solution is your path and systematic process to True ROI, improved cash flow and better margins. 

Download our Objectives, Measures and Values Table

The Art of Sound Projections

Your “Best-In-Class” numbers are based on benchmark data representing actual financial statements on file with United States Commercial Banks.  The benchmarks include your specific industry classification (NAICS Code) and Revenue Size.